Behind the Scenes Contact usually abrevitaed to BTSC, is a condition in Mafia games, whereby contact with other players is not permitted outside the topicunless permitted specificly by the host.


BTSC is for the purpose of those in special groups that are allowed to communicate, either by PM or by use of a closed forum group that only members of the group can see and use. A host will usually oversee the exchages between members of each group, which can act as an earlly warning system for desing flaws, misunderstood wording of rules and roles.

Private MessageEdit

Private messages (PMs) are usually ony for very small groups and is not recomended for more than three users. Message threads can be complicated, long or simply confusing. There have been problems with hosts message boxes filling rapidly with questions, actions and general remarks. BrainDen's private message facility now allows for multiple members, including the host, where a mini private forum can be established.

Private ForumEdit

Some forums can allow for a sub group to be formed for their BTSC. These forums can run their own topics such as N1, D1 etc. and are also viewed by the host.


  • Minority group(s), i.e. Mafia
  • Roles that become paired after meeting under certain conditions i.e. Quarky Agents
  • Pre-set roles that pair at the start