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Roles Edit

The Travelers Edit

Win by killing all of the Ravinians and Veego/LaBerge

Bobby Pendragon- The lead Traveler, has serious anger management issues. Can kill every even night.

Alder- A knight of Denduron, can subdue someone every night.(Block)

Loor- Her combat skills are unmatched. Cannot be killed at night, will kill her attacker instead.


Aja Killian- Is very distrustful and thinks she can do everything herself. If she is targeted with any action, they have only 50% chance to succeed.

Patrick- Can look up someone's role with his extensive library database every night. Has BTSC with Gunny

Gunny Van Dyke- Has BTSC with Patrick, seeing as they come from the same world

Kasha-The only nonhuman Traveler. Because she is a giant cat, will appear as whoever she wants(except herself) if spied upon. Must pick a role every DAY. If a role is not PMed to me, it will be a random living baddie/indie.

Elli Winter- A kind, motherly woman. Saves someone every night. If Bobby targets Nevva, will automatically save her once. The normal save is canceled.

Vo Spader-

The Ravinians Edit

Kill every night, have BTSC.

Saint Dane-

Nevva Winter- The protegee of Saint Dane and the teacher of Alexander Naymeer. If killed, then BTSC is lost

Alexander Naymeer- A charismatic cult leader, will induce someone to reveal their role every night.

Independent Edit

Veego & LaBerge (one player)- They hate Bobby for ruining their life on their home territory Veelox. Wins by lynching Bobby. If the Ravinians kill him first, then wins by lynching Aja. Can spy every night. Has a choice of 1, 2, or 0 vote weight. Must choose the night before.