One more kill should do the trick. At least that's what was expected. The kids were sure they had captured the only baddie left. Framm was held by the other three, against his will. He tried desperately to explain that he was the PR and shouldn't be killed but, it just wasn't good enough.

Quickly, they dragged him to the quarry. Nearby, they tossed him into a pool of quick sand. He was to tired from the struggle to worm his way out. He began pleading to be helped out of the thick pool of death. They were sick of listening to his whining and began to pelt him with rocks, as he was up to his waist in the quick sand. He became so bruised and bloody that he finally gave up and sunk down slowly. To top him off, the witch pulled out a M40 sniper rifle and shot his brains out profusely. It was the most horrible looking sight ever seen.

In conclusion of this day, the other three began to munch out on his many bags of candy. THE GOODIES WON! GREAT JOB/GAME EVERYBODY!



1. DarthNoob - Hannah Montana - Dead by popular demand 2. Framm 18-Power Ranger 3. Marth/DudleyDude - Phantomized - Jack O Lantern 4. Clozo-Werewolf 5. musicluvr95 - double killed by Werewolf/Baddies - Vampire 6. tellis150 - followed the trail of candy and sawed in half by the Baddies - Pirate 7. LIS - suffocated thanks to the Baddies - Skeleton 8. Crazypainter-Phantom 9. Unreality - Witch 10. Brandonb-dead from Phantom - Headless Zombie 11. Sayalzah - Batman- electrocuted by Frankie.