The End Edit

Written by Unreality


The Mafia reveal themselves: Frost, Pieman, Itachi-san and Akaslickster. They have taken over Awesomeville... the Doctor, dnae, saved pieman the first night and Frost the second night, seemingly (hopefully) unaware that he was saving two Mafiosos in a row. The Martyr, Thuhchris, never got to use his power, and IMLRG, the Grim Reaper, was burned before he had a chance to strike. Before Grey Cells, the Inspector, could act on his knowledge, the Mafia had pwned Awesomeville

"Not next time," the Innocents promised. "Next time, in Mafia II, everything is more balanced. And every Innocent has a special role! Join Mafia 2 right now!"

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