Pole resultEdit

  1. Brandonb - voting for Kingofpain
  2. Scott - DEAD [?] Killed by Mafia
  3. akaslickster - voting for Kingofpain
  4. pw0nzd - voting for Brandonb
  5. GC - DEAD [?] Killed by Grim Reaper
  6. pieman- voting for brandbob
  7. dnae - DEAD [?] Killed by Mafia
  8. Frost - voting for Brandonb
  9. itachi - voting for Brandonb
  10. Kingofpain - voting for Brandonb
  11. Nayana - voting for brandonb
  12. puzzlegirl - DEAD Illusionist

The Web of Lies


It was the pinnacle of the second day in Awesomeville, and a web of lies had been spread over the town, snaring the careless and confusing everyone. The mass of deceit has settled on one victim, an almost unanimous lynching decision: Brandonb.

"You'll all die!" he shouted hoarsely as he was dragged to the town square. "The Innocents are going down! Mafia to victory!!!"

"Put him to death!" the townies chanted. "Yeah! Yeah!"

Brandonb snarled as he was hoisted up to a noose in the middle of the square.

"Any last words?" Pieman asked.

"We know who the Doctor is!" Brandonb shouted. "Pw0nzd is gonna die tonight! He's the Doctor!!!"

"Hang him already," Itachi said, rolling his eyes.

"YEAH!" roared the civilians of Awesomeville.

"Death to the Innocents!" Brandonb shouted, grabbing the noose and wrapping it around the executioner's neck, kicking the support, snapping the poor man's neck. People screamed as Brandonb drew the guy's knife and waved it around. "Come on," he hissed. "Who wants to take me?"

"You're a liar!" Frost retorted, his right hand trying to discreetly remove the Penguin Pistol he kept in his back pocket. "I'm gonna kill you myself!"

"Hahahahahahahahaha!" cackled Brandonb. "Death to the Innocents!" He jumped at Frost, bringing the knife toward his enemy's neck, but Frost leapt out of the way and shot Brandonb five times in the back of the head before the Mafioso even hit the ground from his jump.

Ignoring the blood that splattered onto his clothes, Frost tucked away the pistol and turned to the shocked crowd.

"It's gonna be a real storm tonight," Itachi observed.

"It is," Slick agreed. "I saw it with my ESP."

The citizens of Awesomeville were dispersing now, the executioner cut down (somehow the poor bloke had survived his neck breaking) and led to the Awespital. The third night was arriving, and with that, danger and intrigue. The Mafia, if still around, would be striking out for a vengeful kill- or a carefully calculated one. In addition, the Vigilante's first kill (if the Vigilante is still alive) would hopefully help out the deceit-confused Innocents. Of course, the Vigilante could choose not to kill if he or she pleased.

Entering his house, pw0nzd was shaking a little. Brandonb had specifically called him out at the lynching, claiming he was the Doctor.


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