Last Girl Standing
Written by Unreality

The Dead of Night

The Doctor sighed- once again, the house he was waiting outside was quiet and sleepy. He should've known. Muttering, the Doctor set out to return to the Awespital and get a good night's sleep.

A Few Minutes Later

Akaslickster grumbled at the incessant knocking on the door. When would it stop? Would it ever stop?

This was the third night of the Mafia rampage in Awesomeville, and he felt a tad nervous about opening the door. But if he didn't, he could never fall asleep! Grudgingly, he headed over the door, unaware of the shadowy form rising up from behind his couch.

As he opened the door, he came face to face the Vigilante.

"Hola, Slick," the Vigilante said, and shot him dead, smoke curling from the end of the pistol.

The shadowy figure behind the couch quickly left the house, afraid of the Vigilante.

Half an Hour Later, Across Town

The same shadowy figure found himself inside a different house, holding a flamethrower. He had been the same Mafioso that had sniped Dnae's blue octane tank, and he liked fire. A lot.

"Vigilante, is that you?" Nayana called, coming down the stairs. She was the last girl standing.

Not for long.

"You know who the Vigilante is?" the Mafioso asked. "Tell me, or die!"

"Of course I know who the Vigilante is, I'm his Defender," she said.

The Mafioso clicked back a safety catch. "Tell me now, or roast."

"My a$$," she quipped, and ran for her rifle, but she was too late. The Mafioso cackled as he turned the house into a giant fireball, tossing a few firecrackers and grenades behind him as he leapt out of a window into the safety of a bush.

Then, a few minutes later, when he was sure that Nayana was dead, he ran into the street, screaming "Fire! Fire! Fire!" Soon the Awesomeville Fire Fighters were on the scene, spraying the burning house with pressurized water and jets of carbon dioxide foam.

In no time, all of Awesomeville- or at least the important people- were on the scene, angry when they learned of Nayana's death. They wanted to lynch someone RIGHT NOW, even though it was very early in the morning. The sun was barely poking above the horizon, shedding its fresh light on the sleepy town- which wasn't so sleepy anymore.