Pole resultEdit

  1. Kingofpain - voting for IMLRG
  2. Thuhchris - voting for grey cells
  3. Frost - voting for Kingofpain
  4. Itachi - voting for IMLRG
  5. Brandonb - DEAD
  6. grey cells - voting for IMLRG
  7. pieman - voting for IMLRG
  8. IMLRG - voting for Kingofpain
  9. dnae - voting for Itachi
  10. pw0nzd - voting for Kingofpain
  11. Akaslickster - voting for Thuhchris

An Angry MobEdit

Written by Unreality

"Buuuuuuurn!" they shouted, their voices reaching a crescendo over the roaring of the fire. "Buuuuuuurn him at the stake!"

"But... but..." spluttered IMLRG. "You can't do this!"

"Of course we can," said Itachi coldly. Pieman, Grey Cells and Kingofpain nodded in unison.

"Don't I get a pardon?" IMLRG cried. "C'mon..."

"Sorry," they said, not sounding very sorry. "You've got to burn."

"BUUURN!" the crowd yelled, even louder. IMLRG was pushed into the fire, burned to a crisp.

The angry mob moved past the town square and into IMLRG's house to trash his property, bash his belongings and crash his cars... until one of them fell through a secret wall that swiveled around to reveal a dark passageway made of ancient flagstones.

Intrigued, the villagers of Awesomeville descended a spiral stone staircase into a mysterious antechamber, where Grim Reaper robes hung on the wall next to a long, vicious scythe.


  • The perfect lynch in the very first game; preventing the Grim Reaper kill.