Awesomeville Awakes!

Written by Unreality

A piece of ripped newspaper rolls across a dark street... a half-moon hangs over Awesomeville, casting its soft light over the cluster of small houses and businesses. The town may look peaceful and sleepy, but dangers lurk behind every corner. A small Mafia (3 OR 4 people) has taken up in the town, killing Innocents by night. Thus, by day, the Innocents go crusading, trying to lynch the Mafiosos within them.

And all during the confusion, the town's resident Grim Reaper waits, and watches, and kills.

Tonight he is only sharpening his long, curving scythe... for he only kills on even-numbered nights.

Across town, a Doctor is packing his medicine kit. Every night, the Doctor can save one person (not himself, and not the same person twice in a row) in case they are targeted for death.

In another area of Awesomeville, the Inspector has no idea he will become the Inspector on the second day.

And in another residential area in Awesomeville, the Martyr is busy readying himself for the troubling times ahead.

Yes, Awesomeville is at a turning point... because the FIRST NIGHT is now starting!