Green and SeventhEdit

Written by Unreality


Pw0nzd hummed a tune to himself as he sat in his living room, watching a late night special on TV.

Someone knocked at the door. At first, pw0nzd had the shivery feeling of death, as if the Grim Reaper himself was the knocker. Then pw0nzd remembered the previous day, and how the Grim Reaper had been burned.

Feeling a bit better, he got up and went to the door, flicking on the porch light. Opening it a little, he looked out into the street. Empty. Weird.

Pw0nzd went to close the door, but he saw an odd rustling on the bushes across the street, at the intersection of Green and 7th. Intrigued, he fixated his eyes on the rustling, so that he wouldn't lose it in the dark, and walked across the- BAM!

As a mysterious black car rammed pw0nzd, his bloody body rolled down the street like meaty tumbleweed. Before he could cough out a lungful of blood and look toward the car in surprise, it was gone, picking up the bush-rustler and disappearing into the misty darkness.

Pw0nzd tried to call for help, but the Doctor, who would've been able to save him, was at the other end of town (waiting in front of a quiet house). Pw0nzd, through a distorted vision, gasped out his final breath and died on the pavement.