Prelude: The ApprenticeEdit

The Annual Meeting of the Mafias was taking place on Valentine's Day in Chicago. This is where all the Mafias from around the country join to discuss territiories and strategies and to talk trade. As the meeting came to order, the Don from the Irish Mafia in Boston spoke to the masses.

"The time has come to expand my friends. Many of us have been in this business a while and our presence is fading. What we need to perservere are apprentices. I would suggest to all of you to find someone who has never been part of our group to give our organization a try."

All of the Mafias agreed with this plan and went to recruit people as fast as they could. But the three other Mafias in the Northeast already had heard this idea and were all ready to use this opportunity to expand their influence. They knew the other Mafia would be vulnerable as they tried to bring the other recruits up to speed. Could this be the saving of Mafia countrywide or could the NorthEast take control?




1 Group Kill per night

New York Mafia: Can trap any person for a night

New Jersey Mafia: Can spy one person per night

Philadelphia Mafia: Can divert one person's action each night


Miami Mafia: Chance at 1 RID Kill per night

Memphis Mafia: Can save one player per night

Cajun (Nawlins) Mafia: Can learn the role of a dead player

L.A. Mafia: Can see one person's action each night

Dallas Mafia: Can learn one person's role each night

St. Louis Mafia: Block one person each night

Chicago Mafia: Can change the vote 3x, 2x, or 0x (must choose one)

Example Sign Up:

Host: ___________ (GMaster479 - Boston Mafia)

1. _______________ (Experienced Person's name)

So this is how I plan on this working. The only way you can sign up is to find someone who has never played Mafia on BD before and be their 'coach.' They will play, send me the actions and be the only ones allowed to post on the thread. However you will have BTSC with your 'apprentice' and guide him/her in making decisions. Likewise I will take on an apprentice of my own for hosting, and anyone can PM me if they would like to do that