Pole Result:Edit

  1. GMaster479 - voting for CP
  2. Medji - voting for Phaze
  3. actressgirl - voting for Phaze
  4. onetruth-Killed by Baddies
  5. tpaxatb - voting for Medji
  6. chrispen
  7. Cavenglok
  8. Slick-voting for GMaster479
  9. Crazypainter voting for cavenglock
  10. Phaze - voting for CP
  11. Abhisk voting for Tpax

Mass ConfusionEdit

The day started off much like the others, however, there was an air of uneasiness about them. Everybody started to blame one another, at the end Phaze and Crazypainter were the ones tied with the most votes. But when the Recorders were counting the votes cast there was the votes, they were hungry and had Hugo bring up some of his best food, and they would do him a favor in the vote, there was also a vote that had been scratched out and replaced with Crazypainter. They found Crazypainter hiding on the main gate’s wall. Some of the larger creatures grabbed her and said let’s see how crazy you are after this little flying session. CP let out a loud “Aaaayyyyyyyeeeeeee” before going *Splat* from hitting the ground. After they had walked down to check out the body, and push it into the trench, they found a flute that had the letter G engraved into it. CP turned out to be Gonff.