• Blocks always prevail, and will be included in the night post if relevant.
  • In the case of a tie lynch. 1st time- no lynch, afterwards a random player gets lynched that was involved in the tie.
  • Inactivity- if inactive for a cycle and a half (Day/night then Day again or vice-versa) will be replaced or killed off the following night/day. Inactivity is defined as No PMing us an action or letting us know you are passing on the action during the night and no relevant posts (as in giving a vote or reason for not voting) during the day.


Baddies: Wincon- Kill all goodies or be in the majorityEdit

Have BTSC and group kill

  • Badrang the Tyrant: Using his brute force, blocks a player every night.
  • Cluny the Scourge: On even nights has one player receive the actions that are aimed towards him. On odd nights, can change the vote of a player to the player of his choice.
  • Ublaz Mad Eyes: Using his hypnotic eyes, he gets one player to tell him their role.

Goodies: Wincon- Kill all baddiesEdit

  • Matthias: Wielding the sword of Martin, he kills every night.
  • Cornflower: Wife of Matthias. As long as she is alive, Matthias cannot die. Knows who Matthias is.
  • Orlando the Axe: Using his strength will knock a player out for the night.
  • Abbess Germaine: With her knowledge of the healing arts, can save every even night, Can only save self once.
  • Friar Hugo: Bribes the Hosts with his food to allow him to change his vote to 2x, 1x, or 0x.
  • Gonff: Using his stealth can spy on any player without being detected. Finds out role
  • Ghost of Martin: Can reveal role to a random goodie, or can spy on odd nights.
However, it takes a day to find out then can alter the night post on even nights. Must be approved by the Hosts.

Independent: Wincon-Kill Matthias or last one standingEdit

  • Slagar the Cruel: Having his face horrible disfigured while fleeing Redwall Abbey, he wants revenge on Matthias for what happened. Can RID Kill every odd night, if he fails two times in a row, it will be revealed to the player that he was targeted for a RID kill. If Matthias is killed another way, he must be the last one standing.