The walls have eyes!Edit

Onetruth was in the Orchard picking apples for the bread that was to be served for breakfast the next morning. She heard a twig break behind her, and when she turned around she saw nothing, however, as she turned back around before she could even reach back up for another apple. She felt a sharp sting and fell dead on the spot.

Badrang was on the Southern wall, eating a honeyed scone that he had swiped from the kitchen when he heard footsteps from behind, before he had even looked to see who it was, he swing his fists knocking GM out cold for the night.

Gonff snuck into Chrispen’s room, looking for any information that might prove useful in defending the Abbey. Getting frustrated at not being able to find anything, he was about to head out, when he trip over something that he thought would prove useful if and when it would be needed.