Sweet DreamsEdit

Tonight, the baddies were unsure of what to do; they were throwing around names until something sounded right. After they had decided they went off to accomplish their deeds. Medji was wide awake after the last night and the following day, he was unable to fall asleep and felt that a walk would do him some good. He was sort of correct, the walk did allow him to finally get to sleep for the night, and Badrang was all too ready to help.

GM, was looking in the cellar for someone, when he heard the cellar door squeak behind him. By the time, he turned around and got a good look at the other creature in the cellar, Cluny had already struck with the poison tipped barb at the end of his tail. Knowing that the poison would work fast, he just walked out without and locked the cellar behind him.

Phaze was sleeping, when he heard a knock at the door. He opened and was startled to see Ublaz staring hypnotically back at him. “You will tell me who you are”, Ublaz repeated rhythmically “Yes, I will tell you my role”, was Phaze’s response.

After everything had settled back down for the night. Everyone started dreaming the same dream. First there was a mouse wearing a suit of armor, coming towards them through a fine swirling mist, pointing to another figure....

It was Abhisk walking down the hall looking about; confused about whom she should be helping.