Terminator MafiaEdit



Cyberdine CreationsEdit

Win if all goodies are terminated (have BTSC and group kill)Edit

Skynet System: Controls the Terminators
If terminated, all baddie BTSC is lost. Can block one player each night. Has 50% chance of RID. Cannot be terminated during the Night.

T-1000: (m) First Terminator made of mimetic polyalloy (liquid metal)
Spy. If spied upon, appears as random goodie.

T-X: (f/m) The most advanced Terminator
Uses shape-shifting ability to stop one player’s (m or f) action.


Win if Skynet, Sarah Connor and John Connor are terminatedEdit

T-101: (m) The first model of Terminators made by Skynet
Can terminate one person each night. Immune to T-X's charms.

The ResistanceEdit

Win if all baddies are terminatedEdit

John Connor: (m) Leader of the Resistance
One termination each night. If he targets Kyle Reese, termination fails. Can not be killed Night 1.

Sarah Connor: (f) John Connor's mother. Knows about Judgement Day because of Kyle Reese's journey back in time.
Vote counts as x0, x1 or x2.

Kyle Reese:' (m) Fighter in the Resistance and John Connor's father

Kate Brewster: (f) Doctor and John Connor's future wife
Can save one player every even night. If John Connor is targeted on any night, will automatically save him once.

Dr. Peter Silberman: (m) Psychologist and therapist at Pescadero State Hospital
Can block one player each night. Has 50% chance of learning RID.

Blair Williams: (f) Jet Fighter pilot for the Resistance
Can use extensive technological knowledge to hack and post one message every night.

Miles Dyson: (m) Creator of Cyberdine Systems and Skynet
Can override voting system and end a lynch early.

Cameron: (f) Reprogrammed Terminator sent back in time to protect the young John Connor.
Can save one player every odd night.

Marcus Wright: (m) Signed up for experimentation at Cyberdine while on Death Row.
If targeted, he dies but also terminates his attacker with him.

Other Things to note:Edit

In the event of a tie: From the players with the highest number of votes, a random player will be selected for the lynch.

Blocks block ALL actions.

If Miles Dyson stops a lynch early, the change will not be announced until the normal end-time. The lynch will be based on the votes from the cutoff time he chooses.